March 30, 2009

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain

Listen, listen to the falling rain...
It was such a quiet day here today - just me, the mists outside, the cheeps of startled birds being hit by unexpected showers, the plink of raindrops on my downspouts, the tick tick of the drops hitting my windows. Soothing soothing silence. We forget, I think, the beauty of that silence.
I put music on some of the day, watched some youtube, but most of the day the loudest sound came from my clock, it's pendulum swinging endlessly to and fro. My brain, frazzled and shortcircuiting from pain yesterday and today and from exhaustion from pain, eased into itself like a snuggly comforter. It needed this - I had a conversation with a friend and could barely get the words to exit my mind - they were lost in the back somewhere, difficult to retrieve. Another gift from MS...
I'm off for a cup of Sleepy Time Tea and a warm bath before I nestle back into bed. The rain is still falling, gently, outside. It makes inside feel safe, warm, healing.

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