August 25, 2014

New Challenges, or isn't it lovely Fampyra takes away some of my numbness RIGHT now when I need it?

Ah, knees.
Those humble, poorly designed bits of skeletal architecture that support our weight and allow us to move and somehow have kind of adapted to us being upright.
Those multi-part pieces of garbage that give out on us with annoying regularity...

Apparently mine wouldn't get much on the Antiques Road Show. I can hear the announcer now, "Well, there has been some damage, as you can see here, and here, and over there, and here, and that WILL affect their value. In fact, they're not worth as much as you paid for them."
"Oh, they were free? Well, that doesn't change my may want to keep them for sentimental value..."

No thanks. Sentimental value isn't much when the thing you are talking about causes pain and mobility limitations.

For a while I was in denial about my knees. I assumed my leg spasms were due to MS, which they are, but what I didn't realize was that my legs were spasming in response to the screaming pain from severely arthritic knees that wasn't making it to my brain thanks to the MS.

Sortof a win/lose situation.

But then I started taking Fampyra.
Hooray! Sensation is creeping back.
Damn. Sensation is creeping back.

So, whereas before I could leap about with gay abandon as long as my MS would let me, now every movement is accompanied by a chorus of groans and winces.
My knees have awoken.
I am forming new wrinkles to cross out my smile lines.

A sucker for punishment, I trotted off to see the orthopaedic surgeon about a replacement. He looked at my X-rays and asked which one to replace, as both are entirely wrecked. So I'm doing them both, at the same time. I figure my docs oughta get a paper out of this, given the combo of MS and bilateral knee replacement. Can't be that common.

It's a bit of bravado, I've got to admit. I am always best running at the high hurdles. Little ones bore me and I can't get excited about them. But this one is significantly terrifying enough that I am actually going to prepare for it, do my exercises, try to lose weight, etc, etc.

Oh yeah, and take my lifelong wish train trip across the country before I go under the knife. Just in case.