August 3, 2013

Head and shoulders, knees and toes : Fampyra diaries 3

Well, I'm a shower of sh** today, as my charming ex-father in law would put it.

On Fampyra now for several months, and I am walking better. Is it the Fampyra? Who knows.

I'm also having a lot more spasticity in my muscles. Fampyra? Who knows.

Last several days, my legs and feet and bum have been very unhappy with one thing or another. Twitching, spasming, my toes curling up or just painful and very touchy. Shoulder was damaged in another incident, so I'm hobbling along, a mass of unpleasant sensations with no where to put them.

I've taken to using my rollator if I have any distance to walk. Sigh. Sexiness quotient = 0.
Of course, staggering like a drunk leads to entirely the wrong sort of attention. Tough call...

So, slurping bafclofen and my medMJ and hoping the pain goes away soon.
Frustratingly, sometimes it does, completely, for, like, ten minutes, and I can walk like a normal person and my hips and knees stop complaining. Then the mask drops back down again and I am writhing.

I suspect a new lesion in my spine...maybe some compression there? As we all know, it's foolish to diagnose yourself, but so much of chronic disease management is just that.

Keeping on with Baclofen, Fampyra, and now back on Cymbalta to deal with the depression caused by the holes in my head. Maybe it will help with pain, too - it did before. Polypharmacy, here I come, yet again.

Am paying for my Fampyra now after getting two free sample months. Don't know if the benefit is worth the cost. will have to consider when this batch is done. It DOES seem to be disturbing my sleep pattern.