September 17, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I was at the point of grabbing people walking down the street and shaking them by the shoulders and yelling in their faces, "Are you APPRECIATING THIS??? Are you enjoying that feeling of swinging along, not a care in the world, your legs just doing their job without question?"

It was kindof like during my marriage when I'd gone so long without a kiss I used to fantasize about grabbing strange men off the street and begging them to kiss me so I could remember what it felt like. Fantasize, mind.

You see, I was staring at my new rollator straight in the wheels and trying to imagine my life with the bulky but helpful thing and not succeeding. My muscles were twitchy and spasmy and my balance was shot and frankly I was more blue than the brilliant fall sky.
But bless this disease - for the last few days I've been able to walk - without pain, with my legs actually seemingly enjoying the travel.

It's been FABULOUS.

Have I mentioned it's been FABULOUS???

Of course, there are tradeoffs - I still do numbness, the PhD course, but I can move.
Well, sortof. Today, taking romping chutney out for his longer walk, I noticed a nasty twinge or two in my buttock. And the legs were somewhat less enthusiastic than they were yesterday, when I walked a lot and unloaded a truck and stood for several hours. Who could blame me - It was FABULOUS!

It doesn't matter if I slow down again now. At least I know I can still revert to my happy go walky ways. With any luck.
So, Mr. rollator, off to the cupboard with you! I know you're there if I need you, but for today I'm doing the solo thing.