March 25, 2009

Life from the slow lanes - or guess when you are getting payment?

Oh, I am giddy. Totally giddy. First of all, I am applying for Employment Insurance during the worst recession we've had in years. Timely resolution of my case is highly unlikely. When I call the EI offices, I get: "Our call volume is high, please call back later" after which their automated call system hangs up.
And supposedely I am on EI for the next 4 months, at a whopping $440 a week. After the four months are up, I am supposed to be eligible for LTD. But my advisor there tells me there is often a 2-3 month wait while they clarify the doctor's diagnosis, etc. And I will also have to pay for my own health insurance, at a rate of $130 a month or so.
Plus, the health insurance doesn't cover all my medication costs (my MS drug costs $1400/month and it covers less than 2 doses, even if I pay for the most expensive coverage).
Meanwhile, I still haven't sold my house, still haven't been able to retun my car lease (needs more forms and approvals signed etc, etc) and on and on.
It's getting pretty grim. I was giggling helplessly on the phone with the insurance lady who thought it was great I had such a sense of humour!
And then she said, "Hope you feel better soon!"
I said, "Hey, that's the thing. I'm not ever going to get better. It's downhill from here."
Her response? "Well, it's good you can be up about it. The attitude will do you well. It's better than all those grumpy ones who call in..."
Endeavoring to be cheerful as I chow down on macaroni..

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