March 12, 2009

Mobility with style

So, as I lose my mobility, inch by inch, yard by yard, I am starting to examine the funky ways I can get around.
There are canes of course - which run the range from pretty floral collapsible things to long bull's penises, varnished and tough. I'd be tempted by the latter but men already have worries about size, so I think walking about with one that long might put an end to my dating entirely. So instead I am torn between buying a plain one with a comfy handle and painting it myself, and getting a fancy one like the photo.
Then there's the scooter option. I'm not enamoured of the walker idea. I'm hoping to do without that. I'm dreaming of a 5.5 mph scooter with a high street clearance that I can drive like a maniac all over town. I sense disabled activism in my future, as Kingston is not accessible by a long shot.

The problem is the idea of losing my walking ability seems novel now, just a minor incapacity as I still feel I can (mostly) walk. But like the numbness was just a fun thing to start (until it moved in to stay), as it gets more familiar, I am losing important things - my typing ability, for example (I can't feel the keys). And I am losing my ability to sew things cos I can't feel the needle anymore.
So I suspect the mobility thing might lost its novelty fairly soon. But in the meantime, I can dream of speed....

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