March 3, 2009

Financial wrigglings, or how to squeeze a dime...

People often say that life happens the way it does to teach us lessons we need to know. I ended up married to an asthmatic because in nursing school I couldn't handle mucus. I still can't, but at least I know why now. And I know that any man who carries a handkerchief is NOT for me. Especially if they tuck it under your pillow when they sleep. Oog.
One lesson I've never learned, though, is budgeting. I've always loved a good bargain, but I've always overspent to a level that keeps my creditors happy and myself counting pennies for coffee.
So, now that I'm on disability and peering at living on half my income (after just switching to living on 1/3 of my income after leaving husband (see above)), I am desperately trying to figure out how to dig myself out of my current bad financial situation. While keeping healthy and etc.
So I am seeking help, advice, coupons. I'm taking advantage of all those insurances that cover you if your income goes down, I am tearing up credit cards, cutting back on phone plans, returning my leased car, etc. It's madness, but oddly purging. I will still be in debt until I die, but maybe I will now have to get hold of it.
And maybe the pressure to work without working will lead me to do those writing projects I have been putting off...
It's a hard lesson. I'm not happy about how hard it is to detangle oneself from debt and causes of debt. I mean, living without electricity or heating isn't an option in these parts. I do need to shower. And I am bound by phone contracts and so forth that have a death grip on my wallet. But I am finding a relatively sympathetic hearing from people, who seem to want to help me out.
There is kindness in the world. Thank God.
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