March 18, 2009

Wheezing and wobbling in worn out shoes

Took my newly stabbed buttocks for a walk today - my first since my dear doggums went to another family who could play with him (as vs lie about and look at him). It was raining, so I had my Kansas City Star umbrella with me - it has all sorts of comic strips printed on it, including the ever-wonderful Calvin and Hobbes . It was a good thing, too, as the umbrella is tall enough to act as a light cane. It swings with a sufficient swagger to make the use of it as this less disabling than it appears.

So off I went, sauntering down to the post office, Queen's Radio Gah Gah playing in my headphones. It was the perfect pace down to the post office...

On the way back, I needed a slower pace - and I had stopped for coffee and a sit down downtown....The umbrella swung with more effect now, and my old running shoes developed a gasp to match mine - each step one shoe says "eeee", then "ahhh". Quite apropos.

Tomorrow, I'm wearing more cheerful shoes, to go with the cane I'm buying. It's all part of the new DA look - cheerful but deteriorating.

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