March 6, 2009

Attaining Nirvana, or life's lessons being learned

sometimes think my life exists to teach me lessons. Or like the demotivator says “Perhaps your purpose in life is to serve as a warning for others…”

I always feared people with mental illness and brain injuries (and pitied them) so I get given depression and holes in my brain

I always disliked needy people, so now I have a disorder that will require me to depend on the kindness of others.

I never cared about money, so now I am so deep in debt and so short on rations it has to become *the* thing I care about.

I’ve always overeaten expensive bad for me foods so now I have to drastically reduce my chocolate and eat more lentils.

I always loved sex, and now I am completely numb and can’t feel it, so I must focus on other sources of stimulation, like writing.

I always liked public speaking and persuading people, so now I lose my words and can’t control the tone of my voice, and must learn to listen.

I always liked to be DOING something, so now I have to sit a lot and use my brain.

I should be able to attain nirvana this way, at least.
If I come back in my next life as a cockroach, I’ll be pissed.

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