March 22, 2009

Finding True North

I bought this book years ago, and have thrashed through it several times. I've written all over the pages, expostulating, cryptic notes with almost enough information to know what I meant. Right now, though, it seems singularly prescient. I recommend it highly. It seems to capture all the strengths based focus of Marcus Buckingham, Lerner's Dance of Anger and Dance of Intimacy, and Mind over Mood. It's also written in an engaging voice with a touch of humour.
I've found it intriguing and compelling, especially about the grieving process I am going through and will continue to go through with this disease. Martha Beck talks about the schism between our essential and social selves, and how our bodies somatize our emotional rejection of incorrect directions...
For the last three months of my work, I had a constant tear in the corner of my left eye. It got so bad I developed an infection from the constant dampness. When I left work, the tearing stopped. Was I grieving my anticipated departure? Or was my body grieving for where I'd got myself to, professionally? Or was it about something else entirely that I've somehow now dealt with, now that I have the solitude to dig through the long dark teatime of my soul?

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