April 29, 2009


Okay, this is rather unfair. Having MS and being sick with a foul cold (I hasten to add, not the swine flu) is a bit over the top. My poor body doesn't know where to start or finish or ache or spasm.
I've attached a photo of the proper way to contain a sneeze or cough - after years of being told to cough into our hands everyone has now just realized we put those hands on everything....far better to use the elbow. Click on the title to be taken to quite the funniest video about sneezing you have ever seen.
Anyway, another new thing to learn about my newly damaged body - how long does it take to get over an infection when you are on immune suppressors for MS? I've already had a couple of unusual skin infections, and now this respiratory treat, that seems to be hanging on a bit more aggressively than usual, but it could just be a very fierce rhinovirus that enjoys stomping about in the respiratory system...
Needless to say I can't GO anywhere. Just like during SARS, no one wants to be around a coughing person as the swine flu starts popping up here and there.
So I'm lurking and sipping ginger ale. And coughing into my sleeves.

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Sheila said...

Since starting Rebif one year ago, I've been sick more often then ever, including two skin infections (taking care of my Mom in the hospital and getting a spider bite lead to a really fun case of MRSA) and now have "probable swine flu." It's not terrible like when I had the seasonal flu in March but it's not much fun either. Hope you are feeling better.