April 17, 2009

Fun in moderation, or what not to do...

So last night I cut loose and went out a-karaoke-ing for the first time. It was such fun, really - and my partner for the evening sang well, if a bit wobbly in the later bits. Might've been the beer that he persisted in buying us. So all the singers gradually sounded better and better, and the evening became somewhat blurry. We're talking 3-4 small beer here, but add that to a balance problem and fatigue and impulse control, and you have a potential powderkeg of bad behaviour. Or fun. Whatever.
Then my poor friend tried to get me up to dance the Texas Two Step. I begged him, please don't spin me! He spun me. I did the first few spins but then he did a multi spin move and that was it for me. My ever present vertigo reached up it's cold squirmy hands and spun my eyeballs about. I could hear the optic nerve a-twanging with the music. Oh, and my wobbly walk made me look tremendously smashed almost instantaneously.
So today, I'm reticulating my splines, as they'd say in the Sims. A little shamefaced at some of my behaviour (nothing dangerous or bad, just a little out of range). And to my everlasting relief, despite the dizzies and general buzz, I did NOT get up to sing.

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