April 6, 2009

Thunder and electrical crashings

I'm feeling a bit disrupted of late. Not like this picture, but pending this picture, if you know what I mean - the crackly built up electrical feeling that you get in your skin just before a lightning storm, where you can feel the wind just wanting to start up but it hasn't quite yet, where your hair stands on end just the slightest bit.
I'm sure it's because I am bored out of my skull.
The weather is nasty. I am sick to death of driving to Kingston for entertainment, an hour each way give or take, and it is still pre-summer dead here - no one about, stores shut, can't even find a decent newspaper half the time. The library is well stocked with mysteries and romances, and not much else. Rural Canada is all very well but right about now I'd sell my firstborn for a decent radio reception and home delivery of the Toronto Star. Well, I'd probably sell her for a cup of coffee at present, but be that as it may...
I am longing for easy access to friends, bookstores, coffee shops, people to watch, things to do. This tail end of winter combined with my overwhelming fatigue is making me ever so slightly stir crazy. It would be so great if I felt like doing anything, but I am awash in nausea and fatigue and stiff neck and pain and oh god I sicken myself with my self-obsession.
Tomorrow, come hell or high water, I will get out for a walk, finish my short story, and start work on my novel revisions.
Provided I can get out of bed. Please god, let me be able to get out of bed.
Ready to explode.....

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