April 17, 2009


In my town, curled along the shores of Lake Ontario, there's a wonderful free for the walking park called Lemoines Point. Today, with temperatures soaring to the high teens, I knew I wanted to go for a wander there, so I packed up Mavis (my cane) and picked up a new friend, and off we went.
When we got there, I stepped cautiously out of the car. My legs have been in pain for days now and I wasn't sure how they'd react. To my utter astonishment and child-like glee, my hips and legs worked FINE! No pain to speak of, I could stride quickly or slowly, my hips worked like they were meant to. I left Mavis in the car and threw caution to the winds and walked for about 4 km. And I could!!! It was wonderful.
Now maybe it was the company, which was quite lovely. Or maybe it was the sunshine and the birds and the cool but warm day, or the sparkling water shining through the bare trees. I don't know, but I am so happy to have had a days' respite!

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