April 12, 2009

laughter, or tickling the hypothalamus

This weekend, laughter has been bubbling through my brain, spilling out in crackly mylar-sounding bits, dredging itself up from the base of my lungs. My son has been visiting, and I think I've had more belly laughs this weekend than I have in months, bless his furry little hide. And a friend just called me and gave me an opportunity to laugh out loud again, so loudly I had to pull the phone away from my mouth for fear of deafening him.
I cherish the power of laughter and those that share it with me. I've always been known for my laugh, sometimes told I laugh too much, told people know where I am because they hear my laugh. How much more wonderful is that than being known for a sharp voice, a temper, a sad face, clicky shoes?
I've been on a longish, sad journey of late, and this laugh holiday has been so wonderful. I feel rested, renewed, ready for the world again, all through the healing power of a ha.
I recommend it highly.
(oh, and see Monsters and Aliens to get started)

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