April 9, 2009


Sometimes, some people, not me of course, but some people get too deep in their own struggles with the undertow to look about at others'. It's not that you can rescue those others, as you all battle the tides for control. But it's rude to ignore those in the water with you, or not to notice that some have slipped away.
This has been a difficult week for people I swim with in the undertow. One has died, suddenly, leaving a community grieving. Another, dearer to me personally, has decided to stop kicking. It is just a matter of time til the tides take her.
I understand her decision, and I pray it is an easy tug, a gentle detachment from this planet, and a successful entry to the afterlife she expects and deserves.
It makes my personal struggles seem silly, foolish, unworthy of complaint. Not that I'll stop complaining - I mean, heck, I have my "good for 10000 complaints" card and I'm not afraid to use it.
But just now, I'll be silent. Life is precious, no matter how wobbly.

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