April 13, 2009

Weakness and decay

I used to be a strong wee thing. I mean, I'm barely 5 feet tall, but I used to be able to press hundreds of pounds with my legs, lift refrigerators in a single pull, wrestle small trees out of the ground, etc. I'm built muscly.
One of the things MS has taken from me is my strength and it is so FRUSTRATING. This weekend, an unusually strong wind blew my garage door open and pulled the wood apart, breaking it in two. No problem for me, right? I charged up my power drill, pulled out my extra super deluxe deck nails, and headed out to re-attach it. Only problem is I have to lift the door to put a log under it to make it even so I can screw it back in where it used to be. And I haven't got the strength to lift it.
Which means I have to ask for help. I hate this worse than anything. I prefer to think I can do most anything by myself, even if it isn't that great a job. At least it will suffice. But no more. I've already had to hire someone for my lawn maintenance, to clear my driveway, and now this. I used to be able to do almost everything and I didn't appreciate it nearly enough. Now, the mixing of a batch of cookies tires my arms...
Growl. I think I'll head downstairs and try lifting some weights, put a stop to the decay. Maybe. With luck. So that a strong wind won't split me in two...

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