May 2, 2009

MS day at Home Health Care

Today I popped into a MS day exhibit at my local home health store. I knew it would be depressing, but I wasn't adequately prepared for the downer it gave me. One lady was consulting about incontinence pads. "Are you largely incontinent?" asked the sales lady "Unfortunately, yes," said the lady. The sales lady then bustled about, gathering large diaper things, pads for the chair, waterproof panties, etc, etc.
Beside her was a lovely lass in a wheelchair, touting supplements that made her feel much better. Not enough better to get her out of her wheelchair or give her back the use of her right arm, but...and only $150 a month. "The only thing for progressive MS," she said. "my neurologist said if it seemed to be helping I should keep it up." My nurses mind whispered, "placebo effect" and I wandered on.
I asked about scooters. The helpful lady at the counter said that I should check with my neurologist because "sometimes the disease progresses so quickly that they want you to go right into a power wheelchair". !!!!!!!!!!
So I bought a swanky multicoloured cane and a hand exercising ball which puts my hand into a spasm just to look at it, but I will persist. And I fled. Quickly, my life gathered into one twitchy fist, feeling it slip through my numb fingers, stepping on its fabric as I stumbled towards my car. It's a wobbly day today, I told my friend. I need the cane today. Again.

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