May 28, 2009

Running with MS

Just read a series of transcripts on the national MS Society Website, with Dr. Kalb and Clay Walker, the C&W singer, who has MS, discussing adapting to MS . Not earth shattering, but the following quote interested me - it speaks to how I try to deal with this disease, and why I wince at all the people who say "I have MS, it doesn't have me." How they can say this when MS can pick them up in its gargantuan fingers and shake them about whenever it wants, I dunno. For me, I know that MS has me, and has changed my life forever in ways nice and not so nice.

Here's the quote from Richard Cohen, a person with secondary-progressive MS. He says, “But with any progressive disease like MS, the moment is going to come where you feel overtaken by it. It was time to stop running from it and start
running with it. I just reached a point where I had to admit it was a part of me and part of who I am."

Yep. That's the way I feel. I feel as if I and MS are a somewhat unwilling team pulling this body of mine about. Sometimes I misbehave, sometimes the MS does. We are both interested in going forward, but we might differ about the direction.
When we are running together, I feel almost normal. But I am always aware that I depend on the cooperation of my MS to continue. As it depends on my cooperation - eating well, resting enough, looking after myself, exercising....

Unless my MS is feeling mischievous that day. Then it doesn't matter what I do - my MS will play about and bring me interesting sensations, experiences, challenges.
Keeps it interesting at any rate. And fortunately we share a sense of humour.

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