May 3, 2009

Reebok wobbly shoes

At last, at last - I have found the perfect shoes to wear to explain my wobbly walk. Reebok has designed a new set of shoes - called the "Easy Tone" shoes, that provide instability pods in the soles to help you work out your legs and bum muscles by making you unstable as you walk.
Finally a benefit to being unstable as I walk! Perhaps I am already increasing by 11-26% the amount of work my legs are doing as I wobble along? Maybe that's why I feel tired after walks, perhaps?
All I know is that I want a pair of these babies. Then when I stumble sideways into unsuspecting bystanders, I can gesture at the shoes and explain for once in a way that doesn't reference this disease! Huzzah!

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Travelogue for the Universe said...

I found your blog through Brass and Ivory. I enjoy your writing and also am a nurse with MS in Vermont. It feels good to write out feelings and release into the web even if you cannot change your path or circumstances. Best wishes, Mary Gerdt