June 1, 2009

I want a re-deal....and more access to Community Chest...

One of my MS friends pointed out that those of us with MS should really get a "get out of the rest of life's shittiness free" card, to use over and over again. After all, MS brings its own lovely load of the brown stuff - why should we need any more?
But it's not so. We still get nailed with the everyday things: the inconstant lovers, the thoughtless friends, the disastrous investments, the grumbly/sick/cheery relatives, the other health challenges.
Hardly fair, and I'd like to say that, while I am willing to take my share for the team, I think I have a big enough chunk for right now.
I am now on two months without any income. The 1984-ish titled "Employment Insurance" only gives 15 weeks for disability. My Disability insurance only kicks in at the END of the following month, although coverage starts as of the beginning. It's just too bad my mortgage and etc. require payment in the middle of the month, isn't it?
I need one of those Community Chest cards that says "You are judge at a beauty contest - Win $50" or something. But the cards being dealt now don't include that one....

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