June 8, 2009

Money money money

Money money money....or rather the lack of it! I'm at the end of my government-sponsored holiday, also known as Employment Insurance (hahahaha) for disability. Mystically, the powers that be have determined I am only unemployably ill for 15 weeks. Hard to rationalize when I have a chronic thing like MS, but there you go.
I am now waiting for the "long term disability" insurance from my employer, which I believe is arriving at the end of July. Because they pay it in arrears. Of course.
Meanwhile, the house is unsold, and expenses mount. If I were to take a part-time job, I'd be punished by having my disability cut. Of course, I don't know it I am up for a part time job anyway, after sleeping all day today after a visit to a conference on the weekend...
Phooey. And I now have to start paying for the health insurance I daren't let lapse...not with meds at $1400/month!
Not sure how this is going to go.
Suffice to say I pick up dropped pennies these days....

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