June 30, 2009

Car Trip...

My darling aunt passed away last week. She lived in St. John, NB, a pesky part of the province that seems severely underserved by public transit access. The only real way to get there is by car. The only way for me to get there was to drive myself, 2500 km. roundtrip.
But my aunt was such an important part of my life, and her children and husband are so precious to me that I couldn't conceive of not attending her funeral. So I hopped into my long-suffering car with my long suffering body, and headed out, thankful for cruise control.

I also wanted to prove to myself that I could still do this sort of thing. With increasing disability on the horizon, I needed to feel that I had a starting point that would grant me some time.

So off I went. Other than an overwhelming feeling that the whole country could easily be hemmed in the middle, taking out some trees and stitching the quilt together (there are many many many trees in Quebec and northern NB, almost too many to understand), the trip there was tolerable, I stayed awake, and I was doing okay.

Day two of being there brought on the Mad Sow. I leaned on relatives to drive me about as the thought of negotiating St. John streets was scary. I couldn't understand the map I bought and spent several moments driving in circles trying to find my cousin's home. My feet started spasming, my legs started wobbling.
By the trip home, I was weaving attractively as I stopped in the rest stops, I'm sure making more than one motorist vow to stay out of my drunken way. I fell asleep a couple of times, but pulled over for coffee and rest. I arrived in Ottawa twitchy and spasmy, but I had made it.

Today, I'm recovering. Barely able to open my eyes....but I'm glad my MS hung out in the background long enough for me to honour my aunt, a women of true grace and grit under duress. May I be half the woman she was.
Much love for my aunt Dorothy Anne - wishing you rest.

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