June 18, 2009

My dream wheels, phase two

Time and MS wait for no woman. After my clinic visit yesterday I realized that hey - yep - got this thing. Gotta learn to live with it as well as I can. Nope, it's not going to go away.
So what do I do? Look at cool toys. When I was first diagnosed I got all excited about the thought of a walk-in tub, like those ones on TV. Now I'm thrilling to the thought of a big wheeled Rollator that will allow me to walk fast for long distances and rest when I need to. Cool, huh?
And then I still have a scooter to look forward to.
In a way, hearing and seeing my right foot's lack of movement was a bit - I dunno - affirming. The thing with MS is you look fine to people - but you know you aren't. Everyone tells you to buck up, think positive, take supplements, fight. But your brain doesn't always listen to those cheerful encouragements and things do change. And they don't change back. And in a way, not fighting this is thinking positive. It is accepting the real limitations MS places on you and trying to make the best life you can, nevertheless.
There's no point in shaking your fist at the rain. But you CAN get a cool, mega trendy umbrella to make the sky bright.
Rolling onward as long as the wheels will let me...

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