June 19, 2009

A stitch in time....

I feel as if I am completing an intricate part of a tapestry panel - one of those bits where the stitches are new and you have to look from the instructions to where you are sewing several times before the stitch is complete - and then do the same thing for the next stitch.
I'm learning, slowly, how to do these new MS stitches. And I'm making progress on the tapestry that is my life.
Fortunately, I've had good teachers as I progress. Old friends who are supportive, family members who keep me sane, newer friends who tease me and make me laugh, MS friends with whom I can share this adventure and contribute some teaching of my own.
The challenge of the changing stitches, the need to fit them in around the pattern I've already done, makes the overall picture immeasurably richer, even as it makes it more dificult. Sometimes it feels like the project is too big, that I've messed it up, that there is no reason to finish.
Then my helpers arrive, and show me how much I've done already, remind me that I still have more to add. Bless them. And give me my needle back. I have a flower to add in this corner here.....


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