June 3, 2009

Wallowing in self-muck and the saving grace of a good soundtrack...

or...walking on sunshine.....(click photo for Katrina and the Waves)

Today, the sun came out a bit, and the chill of the unseasonal June lightened a little. I'd been wallowing a bit in self pity most of the day, matching my mood to the sky. My whole body was restless with the sunlight, wanting to get moving. I've been listening to books on my MP3 player as I walk, but my book player was tuckered out, so I took my music one. Good choice - I was immediately surrounded by my "walking tunes" - fast paced rock and roll, Joe Cocker singing Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan", Glass Tiger's one hit wonder "Don't Forget me when I'm Gone" that always makes me smile, Queen, Smoke on the Water, more. The fast beat let my legs move, and while I wasn't quite in the singing mode I usually am when working out is going well, I was moving swiftly and with a smile.
Ran out of speed when I was almost home - it's funny with the MS - it's like your battery runs down, and your legs move slower and slower. even if you want to keep up. I crept up onto my lawn very very slowly, but I'd made it around a long town route in record time. Thanks tunes. And thanks, handy cane - as I swing it along I can travel much faster and safer than I could have alone.

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