June 17, 2009

MS clinic day

Well, well, well. Or rather, not so well, not so well, not so well.....
Today was my biannual MS clinic day, where I get to meet with the neurologist and the MS nurse to discuss my various symptoms and the nothing they can do about them.
So today, I talked about my right leg, and how it needs a fair bit of encouragement to get moving. We did a little tap test to see if I could tap my foot. Left foot - Allegro. Right foot - Largo. No wonder it seems to be having troubles walking. My right hip flexors: unimpressive. Left: better. Balance - well, It was handy the walls were close by.
None of this is stuff I wasn't expecting, of course. It's just a bit interesting having it evaluated and finding it considerably worse than 6 months ago.
So I asked about the numbness thing, the weird Stay-Puft Marshmallow feeling that surrounds me all the time, puts me at risk of burning myself, etc., ruins my good time...(although searching for the spot where DA can feel today is a fun game). The MS nurse, smiled at me then looked away and down...."well," she said, very carefully and slowly, "Usually the numbness goes away, but when you have had it for such a long time....it...usually...stays..." Both she and the neuro were very careful to offer no hope of any recovery - the best I can hope for is a slowdown of symptom development. Not that that has been happening to date, mind you.
So, Stay-Puft I am, and Stay-Puft I will remain, I guess. They did like my idea of the nifty rollator, but I might let my hair go grey first. It just seems wrong to go rolling along with brown hair. Fortunately, it's just a dye job, so I won't have to wait long.
Overall outlook: Life will suck and then I won't die.
Well, at least I won't have falsely raised hopes!

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