September 24, 2009

Shake shake shake senora, shake your body line

Shake shake shake senora!
Well, I love Harry Belafonte as much (or maybe even more) as the next guy, and this song never fails to get me moving, even today, when I feel as if I've spent the last three days in the machine pictured to the left....

Shake it all the time....Rock your body in time....

Yesterday I was hit with another total body dancemachine thing.
So I called the ever-unhelpful MS nurse. Who said she couldn't possibly do anythine for me over the phone, and that I needed to be seen. At a walk-in. Sure. Like anyone there would have any idea how to treat MS. Yep, and I believe in little green fairies, too.

But there was nothing for it. By this time I was becoming an advertisement for bar shakers, so I vibrated over to the walk-in, waited the requisite 2.5 hours in amongst people with supposed swine flu, various people with unspecified coughs, etc., and was finally seated in a small room where the paint was missing here and there and where there was an unattractive smear of mucus along the wall. The ever smiling and pleasant resident told me he knew nothing about MS and so could not help me. He went to get the doctor. The doctor, a 25 foot tall guy in jeans and a loose shirt, came in unwillingly and told me he knew nothing about MS. So I begged him to help me with a muscle relaxant or something as the vibrating was getting exhausting. I was spasming while I sat there, arms shooting out in two step spasms, legs twitching. When I walked to the pharmacy nearby, I could barely stand as the vibrations in my legs shook me about. Even the pharmacist looked at me longer than the docs. Who knows if this is really part of the MS? I might have something completely different but no one is interested in finding out.

Got my drugs, went home, took one, fell asleep. Woke, still vibrating, took another, slept through the night. Today, I am not as twitchy, but my body feels achingly sore, like it would after contracting for hours and days. I tried a walk to stretch things out but am still quite wobbly and weak on my pins and didn't dare go far, especially since my feet started making nasty pre-spasm cramping things as I did.

I'm so frustrated. I keep thinking I am going to feel better, I plan my life as if I will be able to cope with a normal life, and then I get whonked up the head with more problems. And my "helpers" on the medical side are so unhelpful. It's like they expect me to just suck it up and put up with it. Well, I know, I will have to. But they seem never to take what I tell them seriously.
What am I supposed to do???? How am I supposed to live????

And most importantly:
1. Will all this shaking lead me to develop the hourglass waistline I have always craved?
2. Will I be able to dance to Harry Belafonte again? Under my alert control?

Oh Harry, where are you now....?

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