September 10, 2009

Aiming for health

Before I moved, I purchased this exercise game for the Wii my youngest son generously left for me when he took off for places unknown. I finally tested it today. On lowest intensity, and with a half hour workout, I was sweating freely and it felt glorious! Kick boxing was wicked fun, and even the running was amusing, although I had some problems with the leg strap (I believe it is used to people with longer and or skinnier legs).
So I've started the 30 day challenge. Each day, more exercises. Different exercises.
The game gives you instant feedback, demonstrates the exercises effectively, and saves everything to adjust your next days' workout. I can't wait to see what it will have for me tomorrow!
Best thing? No weird looking coaches like the bluish ones in the Wii Fit program that gesture at you with gently swinging arms. I do still like Wii Fit's strength and yoga exercises, though.
Also, unlike Wii Fit, Sports Active doesn't make your body look exactly like yours does in reality - I come off as rounded but not spherical which is better than my tiny donut Mii from Wii Fit.
Much fun - highly recommended and I'll let you know how I get on, MS et al, with this tool. Apparently they are coming out with an expansion pack of new exercises soon, but I think this main program will keep me busy for some time. AND I can exercise scantily clad and gasp in the privacy of my own home...

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