January 30, 2012

Wondering what to do...

I have to make a trip by plane to Ottawa. Here's the problem...do I take my cane, which is some help to me but which isn't a LOT of help to me, if you know what I mean - or do I take my bulky rollator, all shiny black four wheels of it? I can walk SO much better with it, but I probably won't be walking much and it's so bulky. On the other hand, in addition to MS I am having knee problems and there is a significant difference in pain if I use the rollator to walk.
Hmm. How much of a crip do I want to be?
I am lusting after a little collapsible 3 wheeled rollator but it's $100 I don't have at present. So....
Any advice, MSers?

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Che koala said...

You knew I wouldn't be able to resist, huh?

Make the most of airline assistance, says I - crowds, carrying stuff, standing, unexpected queues, distant concourses, stairs to the cabin: minimise all that palaver with airport assistance I find is invariably more debilitating than I PLAN on it being. Makes a huge difference to the energy bank to not waste an iota extra on all that boring stuff.

How about sussing hiring one from a chemist/mobility store in Ottawa,if you can find one handy to where you will be, to get around the bulky rollator factor? Might that be an option?