January 25, 2012

The daily-ness of it all... walking, walking , walking

I linger in bed as long as I can, after a night spent tossing and turning, where I turn on my radio without knowing it and then wake myself when the volume level changes suddenly. I spin and toss as my legs ache. Finally I know I have to get up because I have a dog whose bladder is no doubt at the point of rupture in the next room. I stagger into the shower and/or pull on clothing, release the hound, and it's time for the morning ramble. It starts off easily enough, particularly if I remember to bring my cane, though handling leash, exuberant and desperate puppy, keys and poop sacs is an interesting dexterity challenge. Today I can see properly, so it's a bit easier. Last night the fog was internal and external. Weather and vision. That terrifies me and I spend a fair bit of my time praying loudly that the gods preserve my sight.
But about, say, 300 yards into the walk, it is no longer pleasant. Legs and hips remind me of the MS. They start, ever so annoyingly, to add pain to the walk. Like sands through the hourglass (as the soap "Days of our Lives" used to say), each step adds a soup├žon of misery. By the time we're on our way back, the dog is dragging me, looking back to see what the problem is. My legs feel like they weigh 2000 tons, like the weights in Wily Coyote's plots.
I suppose it would be easier if I used my walker, but I'm fighting that. It's even bulkier than the cane and I'm not sure how I'd hold the leash. I suspect bungee cords would be involved.
But we get home and I stagger about feeding the beasts until I can slump myself into a chair.
Which, about half an hour later, is uncomfortable. So I stand to pain.
There's got to be a way out of this cycle. Other than scotch, which does help but which isn't recommended for breakfast, for some reason...


Che koala said...

DA! - yr marathon walking efforts came to my mind while I was watching the 5-hour marathon Aus Open tennis final last night, probably it was due to the similarity in watching Djokovic focus through his pain to continue and persist.

Damn shame that the multinational companies are so blinkered in what they recognise and don't offer more marathon tenacious types like you the same sort of sponsorship deals they do people who hit balls at each other, huh?

In lieu of the slackness of the multinationals, I hope you reward yrself (even if it's not quite with a giant cheque :P) after you finish yr each of yr marathon efforts - you deserve it.

Applause here from the spectators in the cheap seats at the back :))

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