January 5, 2012


Teva CEO
I hate having to take Copaxone. It's not so much the shots that get to me, or the fact that it doesn't seem to be doing anything to slow this disease - it's because TEVA pharmaceuticals is one of those bad bad drug companies who overcharge for their meds and do so obscenely and even after being reprimanded and charged a fine - and now they are dancing in the streets because a rival company is raising the price on another MS drug and so they can probably increase their charge for Copaxone.
It's this sort of practice that makes me see red. Why do companies have to become obscenely rich on the illness of others?
Of course, I should check my mutual fund portfolio. Perhaps I have some stock in Teva. In which case, I've been supporting their greed and gluttony.
"Curses," as Snidely Whiplash would say, "Foiled again!"

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