February 10, 2012

OOH, me aching bum...

I'm beginning to hate my "trunk". You know, the place where you put the "junk".
It seems to be giving me a fair bit of trouble. Started with back of bum spasms when I walk. Not pleasant, but I got used to them. Then the front of my thighs started in on the game. Cool, I thought. At least I'm balanced.

Then my inner thighs. Now that was weird feeling. They kicked in at a meeting and I had to rub them secretly under the table which of course made it look like I was distracting myself in an impure manner (as George Carlin would say).
So I just pushed on them and tried to persuade them to let go. They still haven't. They won't let me put my legs together, so I sit like a 50 cent tramp. As my grandmother would probably say. Good thing I wear pants. Good thing they don't have holes in unusual places. Good thing I'm not working anymore.

Now we're going for nerve pain up and down the super secret place. It's hard to feel elegant when you are hissing through your teeth to avoid screaming. Hot needles. Long hot needles.

It's MOST annoying as otherwise I'm completely numb "down there". It seems unfair. Either give me it all or take it all, right? Half and half, when I only get the bad half is nasty.

Was bad enough yesterday to surf on serious drugs. Fortunately today the needles are only occasional. I'll be sitting, completely comfy, when one shoots up my unusual location.
I'm frightening the dog.

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