August 7, 2011

Cheeriness, or how not to constantly spit

Today I arrived at church with my dress on inside out. I knew it was a bad day, that I wasn't fully functional, but that's the first time that had happened.
Totally shrinkingly embarassing. So I laughed and made light of it, joked about my drunken walk to communion (my balance is off, too) but one has to wonder what people think.
So  try to laugh and be amusing but inside I am curling into myself and wishing I could vanish.
I'm just waiting for the moment I become incontinent and don't realize it. Hoo hah.
But I'm sure I'll make a joke out of it.

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Have Myelin? said...

I wet the bed at night. My boyfriend has to get me up so I don't drench him and the dog in pee.

The daschie sleeps under the covers with me and will get all pissy at me if I wet her.

I am serious.