August 25, 2011

Raindrops keep falling on my head....

Sometimes this MS thing is simply magical. It's trippy. It keeps me guessing.
I know I'm going through a flare up - hey, it's been the story of my past months - legs not working right, balance off, the usual. Had a mammogram and didn't feel a thing (blessings!).
And the other night, I took the dog out for a walk late in the evening. I didn't realize it was raining, so I went out in shorts and shirt and no raincoat. Chutney went off to do his thing and I realized I was getting wet - but not feeling it - my skin was gradually feeling colder, and about every few seconds I'd feel a cold prickling on one spot or another on my arm or leg, but overall, I couldn't feel the rain at all. I felt like I was enclosed in a bubble, safe from the rain, though my hair was starting to drip a bit and my glasses were freckled.
So magical!
Of course, there are unhappier things to total numbness, but sometimes, sometimes, the beauty of the strangeness of this disease overcomes me. I hope the feeling will come back one day, but while it's gone, it's kind of cool.
Time for that tattoo I keep talking about.


Che koala said...

oooh what sort of tattoo?

This article appeared recently here in the local paper, you might enjoy too...

much cheer

Sue W. said...

I love your "cup half full" attitude. I've not had the numbness symptom (yet?). Here's another cup half full - I'm losing the ability to operate my left leg, getting weakness in my left hand, starting to stumble over my words...and I'm HOPING it's a relapse because if it isn't, I've moved over to PPMS instead of RRMS. Weird, how your hopes shift.
May I suggest a phoenix for your tattoo. I've always felt it says MS all over it. Constantly rising from the ashes.
Cheers, Sue