December 1, 2010

Doctor my eyes have seen the years

and the slow parade of fears without crying
now I want to understand....

Today I finally bent and took my eyes to be checked at the eye doc's place - they've been giving me a bit of grief lately, giving me needle sharp pains at times, followed by blurring. Especially my right eye.  I know I've given up on doing close work even with my glasses on, as I can never rely on the darn things to focus when I want them to.
So I got my visual fields tested and discovered I have a slight and somewhat scattered loss in my right eye.  Eeeeeks.
Can I just mention this possibility of vision loss scares me most of all?

Ah well, perhaps it's just a flare-up. Or maybe I just have dry eyes and it is all just fatigue from the testing.  I go back for a retest next week, and I'm hoping all is better and I just wasn't paying attention. Please. Please?

Doctor my eyes
Tell me what's wrong
Was I unwise
To leave them open for so long...

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