December 9, 2010

Well, I'm not happy.

Yep, the Mad Sow is positively flipping. Went for a recheck of my eyes and their visual fields today and my lovely opthamologist is sending my report to my neurologist, intimating that things are not better and are, in fact, worse. Mind you, optic neuritis, from what I read, gets gradually worse over a period of days to weeks.  Then it can resolve itself, or, alternatively, result in permanent vision loss. Lovely.
Way back when I first got diagnosed with this disease, I bargained with God.  Okay, I said, I can cope with the physical things (some of them - I really wasn't hoping for incontinence and such) - but leave me my mind. So when the cognitive/emotional things took over, I was a bit miffed. Now I'm bargaining again - listen, I know I can never find my car, or add up my bills and I over tip to extremes because figuring out 15% is just too hard - but you KNOW I love reading and writing and I kindof need to be able to see for those things.
And then parts of my vision wander off. God only knows where they've gone.  The eye doc thinks it is all quite mild right now, for which I am totally grateful. However, I'm wary. And oh so tired, fatigue being the other major sign of this particular flare-up.
I'm not happy. The whole shootin' match has joined in, making my left eye unable to hold position for the test (the vision loss is in my right) and my legs are twitching to beat the band. and if I didn't have a puppy to tend to, I'd be sleeping all the time. Blah blah blah.
But enough whining.
Things can only get worse, so I may as well enjoy what I have now. I'm off to read a book. While I can.

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Travelogue for the Universe said...

My neuro-optho doc treated me with IV steroids high dose 1000mg daily for 3 days and can help preserve sight. I was wired for sound but immediately began to feel relief. Vision better-that took a year and a shade off now.There is literature on ON and steroids.