November 30, 2010

Walking is hard!

I feel a bit like those awful Barbie dolls that used to be sold some years ago that would say, when squeezed, "Math is hard!" I can empathize with Barbie, with her spastic always pointed feet and her knees that bend improperly, her fixed hands. My body is a bit that way today, as the flare-up I've been having for the past week adds to the foolhardiness of walking all over the place when visiting my son - it was a lovely tour of Waterloo but I foolishly left my cane at home and had to buy a new one halfway through the day.
So we wandered on, and I got such a good feeling about wonderful Waterloo - I finally saw it as my son sees it - accessible, filled with easy transit connections, charming shops and restaurants, pleasant people, pretty sights. At least until my hip started giving out.
Today, I have a puppy who has spent the weekend in a kennel and returns expecting fun fun fun and a body that wants sleep sleep sleep, preferably lying flat without a young pup slobbering all over me. Perhaps I can persuade him for later in the day...Meanwhile, I dragged myself out for a walk before the expected rain starts.  Chutney the poodle kept looking back at me, waiting for me to speed up to my usual pace....but it was all I could do to put one leg ahead of the other. And now, typing seems beyond me.
I keep reading about these people who are desperate for CCSVI treatment who have fewer symptoms than I do. I don't understand the urgency.  Sure, life is grim sometimes, like today, but rest and self-care often improves things and I feel somewhat better. I'd still rather wait and see what comes of the research. All of it, including the research into other areas...

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