November 11, 2010

It's Walking (and fundraising) time

I can walk and carry a bone, too!
The ever cute puppy Chutney and I are setting a goal to make it through the MS Walk next spring. It's May 1st in Ottawa, and if I organize myself to move out East, that will be my last month in the Capital for awhile.
Last year I couldn't walk the 5 km. Last year I could barely stand for the event - I participated as a volunteer and then collapsed for two weeks. Since then, though, I've made a commitment to myself to exercise regularly - daily. I've worked my way through the Wii Fit and the Wii EA Active and Active more and am eagerly waiting for the EA Active 2.  The puppy, a tiny toy poodle, requires regular walking to forestall house destruction and keep him understanding who is boss.  So twice a day we head out for a walk - sometimes long, like in the mornings when I have energy or short, like in the afternoons when I do not. We're gradually building endurance, the two of us.
I'm doing the fundraising part of the walk because I know how much we need the support the MS Society gives those with MS and their families.  I've been honoured to be on their Board this past year, and have seen how hard everyone works, how they do whatever they can to help those that need it, how they take cuts in everything to ensure there's enough money for research and client services. They're an amazing group.
I've also seen people much farther along the MS pathway than I am.  It's heartbreaking.  That said, these folks are fun and lively and good company and generally speaking, astonishingly positive. But life in a wheelchair just can't be as much fun as they make it seem.
So, I'm putting out an ask, as they say in executive speak these days -
1. I'd love it if you would join my team of walkers (things are much more fun in bunches), and 2. if you can't do that, I'd love it if you would sponsor me. It would really help me work toward my goal of being able to walk the 5 km - and maybe after that, the Camino.
Every little bit helps. You can sponsor me online at:

Thanks so much!

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Che koala said...

Yay Dabble. Love yr style.

Have to mention: that dog is tooooo cute and then some - if you need a dog sitter just say the word and, I'll book a ticket to canada :)

(Might be Camino-ing again in September. hm maybe we could start a Camino team too...)