October 22, 2009

Dizzy, I'm so dizzy....

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinnin'
Like a whirlpool it never ends...
Today, vertigo.
Tis lovely. I suspect my eyes have been working on this for awhile as my glasses have been singularly unhelpful of late, but I can't see at all without them. This picture to the side makes me actively nauseous.
The vertigo comes because the muscles that control my eyes are going a bit spastic, not working together. It's very odd. Worsens with movement but not the way a regular vertigo does. Just went for a walk and thought I'd best bring my cane as I wasn't too sure how the ground would be moving.
There's something else afoot also - because in each eye, I can focus but only with part of my vision. Very strange. I seem to have a very narrow field of vision today and it is not very entertaining as oomies abound. So I think perhaps this is a listen to things day, wherein I give my eyes a rest. If I'm not trying to read or focus only on reading, not motion, I can cope.
So today is not a good day for watching the telly while trying to complete the scarf I am knitting to keep up with my wonderful ex-mum-in-law's donations for the homeless. I promised her I'd help take on her cause as she is losing her ability to knit, and I will, just not today. Shifting from close to near is too deadly for today.
I blame my car lust for this symptom. I've been thinking heavily about getting a car. I don't have one at present and I miss my freedom wheels. I am feeling limited but really it's my own fault as I truly can get everywhere a person would want to by bus...it just takes time and organization and there is something so freeing about jumping in a car and taking off on a whim. But on a day like today, I realize how dangerous I might be in a car - my perceptions are skewed and the vertigo is dangerously distracting. So perhaps I am better just renting a car when I feel well and need one - and maybe today is just a timely reminder to be grateful for cabs and buses and vehicles driven by others.
I'm hoping the vertigo will pass soon. It's fairly disabling when it occurs - I've had two or three bouts - and it's usually accompanied by eye pain. Not my favorite symptom.
On the other hand, I can feel tipsy for very cheap. Some people pay for this sensation....

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