October 25, 2009

a bag of trouble....

I feel a bit like a bag of calamaties today. It's a beautiful fall day, leaves dancing in the streets to the directions of the wind, an aluminum can spinning dervish-like along the road and executing Michael-Jackson-like poses...
The walk along my road was breezy and sunny, filled with people enjoying the respite from the rain, saying that big city exhalation of a hello as they walked by me.
I was focusing. I think I have figured out where the next big lesion dwells. It's got to be on my left hemisphere, as I am developing foot drop in my right foot that makes me need to concentrate when walking or trip. I have foot spasms in both feet, but the right one is much more extreme. My right bum is knotted up, and completely numb. And the left side of my face is in spasm and pain, eye tearing all during the church service I attended.
Add a chronic neck pain on my right side and I could wallow in self-pity for hours. Instead, I wish I could peer inside my head, see what is going on, tease out the frayed nerves and wrap them with electrical tape...would love to know what is happening in there...so that at least, as I curl up my feet to keep them from dragging on the ground I could feel slightly in control.

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