August 8, 2009

Moving Madness

Moving day + 3 and I am upset my apartment still looks like some large department store (of the Kmart or cheaper variety) dumped all of its seconds into a bin...My den is somewhat tidier, books unloaded, computer and bird set up, music crooning to me from the speakers. I am surrounded by useless objects that had seemed important in my former house-owning life...
And I realize this apartment will be a challenge if my abilities lessen, which means perhaps another move in my future. On the other hand, I love the neighborhood, can't wait to explore more, can see the mountains, can feel a breeze, can hear people talking without caring about what is happening (unlike small town life). The sound of traffic is soothing, like waves on the ocean, after the periodic noise of summer in a tourist small town.
The move hasn't been easy on my MS symptoms, but I'm grateful things seem to be adjusting. I developed my first instance of esophageal spasms yesterday - ouch! I actually thought about whether it was, in fact, a heart attack. Called my MS associations to ask - they didn't know about it - but the web did.
For all of you who don't know, esophageal spasms are not uncommon in the general population, mainly due to reflux. It only requires a little gastric fluid to cause it. Not heart burn, this is more like a muscle spasm of the esophagus. Think of a charliehorse in your throat and midchest. It is astonishing.
I could still swallow, but didn't trust anything chewy, and am still hiding from these substances today.
Eventually it eased, after a couple of Robaxicet and some sleep. Not my favorite symptom, not atall.

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