July 15, 2012

A Helpful Book

As a youngish and dating woman with MS, one of the things that has filled me with the most despair over the past several years is my loss of sensation in the...ahem...sexual areas. I consulted with my docs, whose recommendation was to place a bag of frozen peas over the...ahem...area in question and that that would help me feel increased sensation.
Well, I dunno about you guys, but frozen anything DOWN there doesn't sound too enchanting for me or the fellah involved. As one friend said, it's like going swimming in the Atlantic Ocean - cold at first, but okay once you're in...
Now, other than developing a jaundiced eye whenever I see a bag of frozen peas in the market, I haven't had much success with that advice. A friend of mine (who works with people with disabilities and their sexual health) and I got to talking. What if we combined the power of her knowledge of everything sexual and battery operated, and my nursing knowledge and the experience of someone living with MS, and we put together a helpful book?
Not a deadly boring one, but a light, useful one, with advice and drawings and some laughter and fun. That. we figured, could be a help to other people like me.
After all, MS is being diagnosed earlier and earlier, and it sounds gruesome to be sentenced to years and years without any idea of how to have a rewarding sex life. We deserve one, no?

But maybe that isn't what's needed. So we thought we'd ask you. In a short little survey, with no chance we can identify you, compiled on machines somewhere in the deep dungeons of the internet, impossible to trace. Well, maybe not completely impossible to trace, but I've got better things to do than find you. There are all those other frozen veggies to experiment with...

Here's the Blurb:

Dorothyanne Brown, a person with MS, nurse, and epidemiologist, and her
writing partner Karen Kalinowski, a Natural Health Consultant and Sex and Kink Awareness Educator, are collaborating to create a resource for people with MS and their partners about sexual intimacy. 

We've created a short survey, ten questions, to get a feeling for what your
needs are as a person with MS or a partner of a person with MS.

The survey is completely anonymous. We have no way to figure out who answers
it, we plan no cross linkage to any database or physician services. 

It will help us create a resource that will be most useful to you. 

Just click on this link and you will be taken to the survey:

Please share widely with others with MS or their partners. Help us create a resource that will work for you.
Questions? respond here or email msandintimacy@gmail.com
And thanks!

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