April 27, 2010

Oh if my neuro could see me now!

The guy thinks I am fine, barely attacked by this disease.
It's true, I am one of the luckier ones, but after two and a half days of twitching, I don't feel that way. My hip joints are spasming, all of my muscles are doing a gentle rhumba (but they haven't got their act together so it just looks like those scenes from Alien where I have ripples under my skin), I can't see to read or drive (though I have done both) and I'm so tired I am sitting with my jaw hanging open...
It's pretty attractive, lemme tell you! I am avoiding carrying hot or heavy things, and am heading to bed again shortly after spending yesterday lolling about there.
I hate lying about. Hate it. So tonight, a muscle relaxant to perhaps stop the spasms and give me a good rest, and hope for a better tomorrow.
I just wish my doc could see me now....
Oh, and the hip flexor action made for interesting driving!!!!! Good thing I could use cruise most of the time. I think I should perhaps be more careful about driving when I twitch and can't see...but most of the drivers drive as if they too are impaired, so at least I don't stand out. ;-)

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