February 16, 2010

Pinga ponga eyes

I've always loved the cookie monster, and even forgive him his recent mad descent into liking fruits and veggies and only the occasional cookie...sigh. Fun has SO gone out of childhood.
But what I loved most about him were his mismatched, swingy pupils. He always looks vaguely crooked-eyed, and this was part of his charm.
Until it happened to me this Sunday. There I was, at a fun lunch with friends and suddenly my right eye decided it was just fed up with all this hanging around with binocular vision thing. She wanted to be free from Mr. Left, so off she went, shimmying away. Understandably, Mr. Left was a bit hurt, left out, as it were. So he's decided that he won't play with Ms. Right. (why they are male and female, I dunno. Maybe that's part of the problem....)
It's an interesting feeling, not having binocular vision. I've always had serious astigmatism, with one eye shortsighted and the other far sighted. It's been manageable, even without glasses, because the eyes would take turns taking the lead.
Now, however, they're in a fight for domination, and I don't like it. Riding in the bus today was an exercise in bizarreness, as they duked it out.
It's been two full days now, and I'm hoping they will settle down soon.
Worst thing is that it makes me nauseated, so eating cookies is out as a distraction.
Cookie cookie cookie, where are you now? And hey, don't gesture at me with those carrot sticks! Or whatever those things are...all three dozen of them.....whooooooo.

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