February 8, 2009


Today is a grateful day. The sun is shining hard enough for me to want to take my coat off, if not for the competitive wind, which makes me zip it up tight.
This morning I woke up and realized that things are just not that bad. And I felt grateful, happy, and humble. I am grateful for the 50 years I had before I knew about my MS. I'm grateful that even feeling tired didn't keep me from what I wanted to do - from leaving my marriage, to raising my kids, to moving homes and jobs every couple of years, to writing, to gardening, to finding joy.
I am so humbly grateful for the friends I've met along the way, the ones I have yet to meet. I'm grateful for the time I had with my parents, shortened though it was, and the fun childhood I had with them and a myriad of cousins. I'm grateful for the time I was married, for the traveling we did, for the opportunity to stay at home with th kids when they were little. We did crafts, dissected hearts, raised frogs, watched eclipses, cooked, read, watched way too many Disney Movies and kids TV programs, laughed to Monty Python, squirmed and danced to Rocky Horror. We raised pets by the fistsful, and loved one dog to distraction together. I am so grateful for this time, this precious time.
And I'm grateful that the walls haven't shut in around me yet, and there is still a shoot starting to reach for the sun again.
Thank you. I can't thank enough for all of these gifts.

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