April 19, 2017

Being bipolar with MS

I'm not really bipolar, at least I don't think so, but there's this thing that happens to me sometimes, where I am busy and suddenly my fingers type very fast and I kind of go into a fugue state where I flow through my day without actually being part of it. 

The next day, I am overwhelmed with the blues and a feeling of insignificance and the urge to abandon hope and flee to somewhere, anywhere, where I can be alone with my thoughts.

It's not a good time to read books talking about suicide at those times.

Now that I know that this happens, fairly regularly, I try to ignore it and carry on, knowing that I will be better soon, after a bit of rest and accomplishing some things and yadda yadda.

Yesterday was one of my spin days. I wrote in the morning, volunteered in the afternoon, went to a talk in the evening. I don't believe I was truly present for much of the day, covered over with wax paper mentally, feeling separate from my environment. And then the evening session I went to I couldn't shut up at, despite my telling myself to.

Sounds pretty manic to me. Home and tossing and turning all night (to be fair, my sick cat was to blame for much of that), and now today I am on the edge of tears and just wah wahing to myself.

It happens fairly often, this rapid change. When you feel physically good with MS, you feel as if you are on speed. You can DO things, the fatigue is eased for a moment, you don't feel as if you are going to collapse into a narcoleptic pile at any moment. You can physically sit for a bit and NOT fall asleep. It's a rush.

So off you spring like a bunny rabbit and you do many more things than you are used to in a day and then huzzah, you pay for it with tired neurons and a post accomplishment hangover.
People tell me to pace myself, etc etc, but if I lived my whole life according to my bad days I truly would give up. I have to have hope that something will turn out right, sometime, that the me that is inside can still struggle through the wax paper and interact.

The more I find myself being inappropriate during my up days, though, the more I think I should stay away from people. Which isn't a good thing.

Time, I foresee, to get some help...again...or maybe I am overmedicated....

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