November 28, 2014

Oh Goodie!

Less than a week to my bilateral total knee replacement and I'm reviewing the inter webs about information...
And I see this one...apparently my sex life will get better post-op. Hmm. Now I just need a partner...;-)

Dr. Tarlow comments:  Common knowledge says successful joint replacement surgery improves life function and patient well being.  Less often addressed but of importance to patients is the effect joint replacement has on sexual intimacy.  Fortunately, good news is seen in this aspect of patient life after orthopedic surgical intervention.  Read on.
From the Daily Mail -U.K.

From  a report from  Rathod P, Deshmukh A, Ranawat A, Rodriguez J presented  at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).

 Painful osteoarthritis of the hip or knee can reduce mobility and make normal activities like walking, exercising and yes, even sexual intimacy, a challenge.  New research evaluating the influence of total hip and total knee replacement on the physical and psychological aspects of sexuality found a majority of patients experienced reduced function before surgery. Fortunately, significant improvements were reported after total hip or total knee replacement surgery. 
Before surgery, 147 patients answered questionnaires for the study. Of them, 67% reported physical problems with sexual activity such as pain and stiffness, and a whopping 91% reported experiencing psychological issues, related to sexual self-image and general well- being.
Post-surgery, 116 participants responded to questionnaires and reported significant improvements in both physical and psychological issues impacting their sexual function. Ninety percent (90%) of patients reported improved overall sexual function after total hip or total knee replacement, with total hip replacement patients experiencing a higher rate of improvement.
The post-operative improvements reported were:
  • Improvement in general well-being: 84%
  • improved sexual self-image: 55%
  • improvement in libido: 42%
  • increased intercourse frequency: 41%
  • increased intercourse duration: 36%
People considering total knee or total hip replacement surgery should talk to their surgeons about their current level of activity, and what they can expect for their post-surgery return to activity – in and out of the bedroom.

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