November 18, 2013

Montel Williams and the whole MS thing

Normally I am resistant to the whole "I'm a celebrity and I'm suffering with a disease and therefore I can tell everyone else how to live" deal. That started with one of the first books I read about about a celeb with MS who talked about how she had to get her chauffeur to drive her closer to places and how the nanny had to take more hours with the kids, etc. I just don't think the whole illness experience is the same when you can afford multiple live in help people and vacations whenever you want as it is for we regular folk.
Oh and let's not get started on the MD on call thing…
But Montel Williams seems somewhat different. Yeah, there's all this "I feel good" stuff about how MS will "never have him", but most of what he posts seems to be reasonable, and he seems to follow the research, taking the effort to review CCSVI and denounce it for the fraud it is.
On the other hand, he's pushing outrageously expensive multivitamins with mystical ingredients and whopping doses of Vitamin B, and I'm not too sure about all that stuff.
I'm glad Montel can exercise and keep fit and chat with all the experts and all that but his website seems to be pretty much the same stuff you can get from the MS Society (Except they don't push supplements or Fampyra). He might be able to help keep you motivated to exercise (which I think is le plus ultra treatment for MS) with cheery let's go messaging and he is, let's face it, a kind of handsome guy, so not difficult to look at - so if you think he'll help, go sign up for his program.
If you do, let me know what you think. Does he make any sense?
Or is he another very rich guy with personal trainers and cooks who lives well with MS because he can hire everyone to do everything for him?

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Mary Gerdt said...

I agree that reliance on expensive megavitamins that you mostly pee out is Bullsh*t. Guy has to work and his gigs are limited. He is handsome but can afford a housekeeper. I cannot afford all that, which adds the stress we are supposed to avoid. You are right on and yet Montel will suffer that fall and we are all fighting the MonSter. He is doing what he can and does not make the money he might have without MS.