October 5, 2013

Lurching towards Kalamazoo

Ah, the joys of impaired balance. 
Why, I can look drunk in the middle of the day without having tasted a drop.
Tonight, returning from a BBQ at a friend's house, I turned right to head towards my car and almost didn't make the turn. My upper body lurched attractively opposite to my legs and there was some arm spiralling before I rebalanced. Thank heavens there weren't any cops around to make me do the walking the line test. 
Stone cold sober, me. Tacking to the left, I gradually made my way to the car, struggled with the lock on the door, got in and drove home. I think. I mean, I'm here, but the trip home wasn't a fully cognitive one.
It's this sort of thing that keeps me home nights.
Time to get a cat for company.

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Cameron Von St James said...

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